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Call Assistant AI introduces call management solution app for blocking spam calls

Call Assistant AI has introduced its call management solution app that helps users block unwanted spam calls. The app’s major features are call screening, call blocking, hold music, and more. The AI-powered app allows users to let Call Assistant take their calls while they read what the caller is saying in real-time and decide if they want to answer the call.


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Screen Calls

Powered By ChatGPT, users can let Call Assistant take your calls while you read what the caller is saying in realtime and later decide if you want to answer the call.
Call Assistant will scan for spam calls in real-time and you cal let Call Assistant engage with the callers


Enjoy a state of the art voicemail system. You can listen, share or download all your voicemails.
Users can also assign voicemail greetings to specific numbers

Hold Music

Put callers on hold and select what music you want callers to listen from Spotify. You can search all of the Spotify catalog in the app

Block Calls

Block calls from selected numbers and allow Call Assistant to automatically block numbers that have been marked as Spam


Call Assistant allows extensive personalisation of the assistant for your own needs


Let callers know when you’re busy and allow Call Assistant to schedule appointments

Call Assistant Video

Call Assistant Video

What Our Fantastic Users Say

Google Play

Where have this been all my life, yes! I would pay the service just to make them handle my calls. I wish there was one to deal with social media.

Google Play

I have fallen in love this app. Its amazing and fun. Works perfectly. Customer support is responsive when you have trouble. Keep up the awesome work.

Google Play

Great app! I was getting constantly called by spam callers and since I’m expecting a lot of calls from school, family, and friends it helped a lot to have something to actually find out if they were bots or not.

Google Play

This app is a game changer in the way we accept calls. it's customizable features and AI call screener is a must-have please download and see the new way of communication