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We help busy people like YOU be in control of your important calls ✆

Your Personalized Dialer & Virtual Call Assistant
For Personal + Business Calls

Call Assistant gives you 5 new buttons on your call screen
It's Simple…
You want to always know who’s calling
You want more time to answer
You want to minimize interruption
You want to optimize productivity
we have the ANSWER…

What users are saying

I love this app!! It truly has been a lifesaver when my calls come in and i am so busy with my business or on the road.Helps me manage and screen calls..It is so nice to be able to block spam calls.I love that I can customize the wheel responses to fit my life.I honestly don’t know how i have lived

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I noticed the amount of scam and sales calls I received dropped significantly after using this app. You have a preprogrammed assistant that take calls from numbers you are unsure about. And you can see the conversation between the assistant and the person on the other line in real time through voice…

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Always know who’s calling

Find out who’s calling and what they want in real-time, instead of letting that missed business opportunity go to voicemail

“I’m so tired of answering unknown numbers that turn out to be spam.”

  • Easily screen out telemarketers and robocalls
  • Never miss an important business call just because it’s from an “Unknown” number
  • Block the calls you don’t want, and answer the ones you do
“Every time you’re interrupted, it takes your brain an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to what you were doing.”
— Dr. Gloria Mark, University of California, Irvine

We give you more time to answer

With a touch of a button Call Assistant gives you control to place callers on hold to music powered by Spotify

The First-of-its-kind “Hold On” Button

“I just need another second to answer!”

Sometimes, you’re ALMOST ready to talk.

But you miss the call–and you wind up playing phone tag or endlessly texting back and forth.

The Hold On button gives you the few precious seconds (or minutes) you need to get ready for your incoming call.

This is how you decline a call

Call Assistant tells your important incoming business calls, co-workers, friends, and family why you can’t pick up the phone and allows you to set a call back reminder.

Your friendly Call Assistant answers when you can’t.

“I hate having to reject a call. It feels so dismissive.”

Let’s be honest: Always being “on” and available is exhausting and if you took every call when it came in, you’d never get anything done.

  • Acknowledge the call and make sure you call the customer back.

  • Stay focused on what you’re doing, whether you’re in a meeting, eating or just busy

  • The most polite way to decline a call

“It’s a more professional and personal way to decline the call”
— Boston University, Center For Mobile Communications Studies

Dialer 2.0

Manage your calls, read your voicemail, personalize your assistant

  • Spam Blocker
    Caller ID
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Blocked Call List
  • Custom Hold Music
  • And More!
You’re about to get a call. Are you ready?

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